10 Things to do before Halloween is over

1.  Carve a jack-o-lantern

2. Watch Double Double toil and foil (like 3x) 

3.  Buy all the cool halloween soaps, bath bombs, scrubs etc from Lush cosmetics! Click here to see all the cuteness! 

4.  Visit a haunted house or a spooky town!

5.  Buy the ready to bake Pillsbury pumpkin cookies.  They are soooo good! 

6.  Have a dance party in your living room to Monster Mash.

7.   Binge watch horror films from the 80's

8.  Buy halloween themed candles from Bath and body works

9.  Make an adult beverage for yourself. Treat yo self to a Poison apple  cocktail.  How festive!  Check out the recipe here. 

10.  Have kiddos? Make zombie slim!! Check out the tutorial here.

Jazmine RubioComment