Finding your style as a Photographer

When I first started my business-- I wanted so badly to find the style I would fall head over heels in love with, that one style that just flowed with my workflow and a style that just overall looked good.  I'll be the first to admit that my work was EVERYWHERE at first.  I like to call this the "experimenting" phase but this little 'phase' is a MUST in every photographers career! You MUST experiment.  It's just part of the process- it's what makes you grow as a photographer. A year later and I'M still experimenting! and I feel like I'll never really stop ;)

One thing that helped me was to steer clear of other photographers work for a week or so.  This helped with my 'wishy-washy' feelings. One minute I loved the bright, airy, pastel look and the next I loved the dark, moody, and vibrant look.  I just finally had to buckle down and really try and find which style worked for me.  Not what worked for other photographers or what worked for my favorite photographer but what worked for ME and my brand.

After finding the style my heart was set on,  I needed to learn how to get my shot SOCC to make sure that the preset I created worked for every single picture and every single session. With that being said I tend to over exposure my shots (just a tad) On the contrary... this helps me achieve my moody, dark looks :)

Aside from wanting to find my style I wanted to be consistent. I want to deliver the same style of images to every client every single time that book with me.  It's important to me that my client know what kind of photos their getting each time. 

The best advice I can give it to find something that works for you. The less you try to mimic others work, the less disappointed you'll be. Create a style YOU love. How boring would it be if every photographer had the same style? This is the beauty of being in a creative industry-- so take advantage of it and don't be afraid to be different! 


Happy Shooting!




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