Jazmine Rubio Photography | Client What to Wear Guide 

So you booked your session with us! Yay! We want to be here for you along the way to ensure these photos represent you and your family.  We want to give you the best possible tools to ensure we represent your family to the best of our ability.  I pride myself on always trying to step out of the box all while keepin' it trendy and spunky.  I am not a traditional photographer by any means.   I LOVE messy hair, groovy light, colorful photographs and stylish clothing! (Stylish aka awesome thrift store finds) 




1.  Stay away from black if we're shooting in greenery.  Although it looks slimming it's best to stay with colors that pop and add some "personality" to your photos.In example:  Baby blues, dusty pinks, creams, whites or primary colors like deep yellows, navy blues, and maroons. If we're shooting at an urban location, black is okay paired with fun jewelry and a big hat! 

2.   Coordinating is in, matching is out.  I always tell clients it's always easier to start with one piece of clothing (preferably a favorite) and work around that. 

3.  Fall/winter portraits | Layer! Layer! Scarfs, vests, jackets, etc.  

4. Don't be afraid of patterns or stripes! 

5.  Toddler boys can be tricky to find outfits for.  (Trust me, I have one) If your session is in the summer time-- throw some cute shorts/capris on.  No shirt needed! Perfect for a summery feel. 

Example: First Picture on the side. 


6.  If you have a little girl/toddler.  I can't stress enough how adorable it is to incorporate a hat, head chain/flower crown or even sunglasses. Does she have a favorite teddy bear or blanket? Bring it!   Perfect example ---------> 

7.  Shoes matter! Men look most masculine in closed toe shoes. 

Vendors we love:

Flower Crowns:  Adri's Boutique

Woman Clothing:  Boohoo, Target, Old navy, Dottie couture

Kids Clothing: Little Trendsetter, Target

Men clothing: Urban outfitters/old navy, American Eagle


Remember, these are just to give you some inspiration! We can't wait to see what you come up with! 



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