Ready to take the leap and start your photography business?

We now offer one-on-one mentorships!  We've been in the photography industry for 5 years FULL TIME and we've learned SO much (through trial and error) and are ready to share the tools/secrets we've learned with you to get your business where you want it to be. Photography is way more than just pretty pictures.  It's about building a brand people love. 

Are you ready to attract your dream clients? Are you ready to do photography full-time? Are you ready to learn and grow and expand your knowledge? Then this mentorship is for you! I'm an open book! Let's find your spark!

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Skype session/ coffee date 

1.5 hour session. Ask me anything! We can cover business talk, editing, pricing, booking ideal clients, wedding day work flow, posing, marketing and social media etc.

This is perfect for those of you who want to to learn all the business secrets, strategically pricing yourself for success, branding, and how to attract your dream clients.  


new mexico photographer


Do you prefer "hands on"? Let's get together in person and shoot! This will be a completely styled session that you and I shoot together. We'll start off with a Q&A session so you can ask me all the questions you've prepared for me. Then we'll go out and shoot the styled shoot where i'll show you how I pose clients for NATURAL candids.  How I make clients comfortable and how I use any type of light. After that we can go grab dinner and together look over and edit your photos together.  This is also perfect for portfolio buidling to attract your dream clients.

These sessions will take place in Las Cruces, New Mexico where I’m based and last 6 hours. Shoot me an email and we can plan out our one and one adventure together! 


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Online Workshop 

Coming soon. 


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