More than likely, you've booked your wedding with us & we are over the moon excited that you chose little ol' us to be apart of such a special time in your lives.   Either way, we can't wait to document you and your fiance's journey! 


We've put together a Style Guide for you and your fiance to inspire you to put something awesome together! 

1.Keep The Season In Mind // it's important to coordinate your outfit color scheme with the season! This adds to the vibe of the photos. 

2. One dressy outfit/One casual outfit // This will add variety to your photos! 

3. Coordinating is in, matching it out. 

3.  Shoes matter // Men look most masculine in closed toed shoes.  Ladies, we recommend heels as this will elongate your legs! :) 

4. Accessorize! // Rings, necklaces, head chains, bracelets, belts, funky sunglasses, hats! etc.  Allow your personality to shine through!

5.  Have fun! // Have.fun.with.it! Tyler and I are the most goofy people ever so we do our absolute best to get you two to relax. But it's ultimately up to you! Come to the session with an open mind + heart! Don't take yourself too seriously and HAVE FUN! :) 

Activities/ Props

1. Do you have a horse and could go horse riding, does your dad have a vintage car you could borrow for a country drive or how about a vintage camper/bicycle, or how about setting up a picnic? // these are just some ideas to help you incorporate your own uniqueness! (none of this is required)

2.  Props! Have a cute sign?  Bring it! :) 

3.  TRAVEL:  What about white sands? or what about a trip up to Cloudcroft for your engagement session?! 


1. Dusty blues, dusty pinks, creams, whites,  golds! 

2.  Navy blues, burgundy, burnt oranges, mustard yellow, maroons, grey, black, forrest greens, browns!

3.  Long flowy dresses!  + Cocktail dresses  

4.  Suites for men. 


Don't be afraid to bring a cute pair of funky sunglasses , confetti poppers, champagne! Let's make your session UNIQUE AND FUN! This is a once in a lifestyle experience-- let's make it spectacular! 


Do's & Don'ts

1.  We recommend getting your hair/makeup done! This is a one time thing so we want you to feel your absolute best!  If you've decided on hair/makeup please let me know so I can have our Makeup artist/ hairstylist get in touch with you asap! They book up fairly quickly so it's best to schedule in advance. I highly recommend: Beauty by Ashley

2.  Don't spray tan a day before your session, it's best to wait at least 4-5 days so you don't look orange.

3. Do dress up! but also incorporate a more casual outfit.   We always recommend staying away from jeans + matching t-shirts for the casual outfit.  Think of it as dinner date night.  Keeping it casual but still fun! 

3.  Do you have litte ones? Pinterest is a great tool to help you coordinate outfits for them! Example: Have a little girl? Check out this link: Pinterest/little girl outfit ideas

ENGAGEMENT session outfit PINTEREST inspo!

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 11.00.38 AM.png

Casual but super cute!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.25.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.27.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.29.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.30.12 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.24.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.26.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.27.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.29.59 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.29.23 PM.png